Welcome to Technofreak

Hello there. I'm Gregor Watson, owner of Technofreak. I'm located in Central Scotland and have been in the technology business since 1988.

Here are some examples of 360 degree photos that can be submitted to Google and embedded on your website.

360° Photography

We've all used Google Street View but did you know you can also "look inside"?

I'm a Google Trusted Pro to take 360° photos of places and add them to Google Street View. The cost for this service starts at £50. Hire me to create 360° images of your premises and you'll also receive a copy to post to your social media, ideal if you're in the hospitality or catering industries.

I offer this service for free to community groups based around Falkirk and Stirling who are 100% not for profit.

Direct from Google

I'm a trusted Google Street View photographer and my services include submitting your images to Google. This allows me to embed the images hosted by Google which you can navigate on all devices by dragging your pointer or finger around the image. You can also zoom in and out by pinching with your fingers or using the scroll wheel on your mouse.

On local hosting

Using a mixture of technologies 360° images can be displayed on local hosting providing more control over the user experience. Use your pointer or controls on the left of the image to zoom in/out and look around.

Virtual Tours

If you've premises that you would like to show off then how about a virtual tour for your website? I'll take multiple images then connect them together and generate the output to be added to your website. Price varies depending of the number of photos, as a guide a tour with the number of images in the church below would cost around £275 to create and provide the output to be included on your website.

360° aerial photos from a drone

It's even possible to create 360° panoramas from a drone. Have a look at my aerial photography page for more details. Click or point on the image below to move it around yourself.