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In this tip I'll show you how to check if your website is using free Lets Encrypt SSL Certification from a Windows PC with example video.

Do you pay for a website and want to know if you're paying for free SSL certification?

Spread the word about this if you know a small business or club who think they’re being charged too much annually for their web site. I've heard that some folk out there are being charged for free SSL certification, sometimes even quarterly 😮

The most commonly used free SSL certification is Let's Encrypt which will always be free. Most good hosting companies who use Let's Encrypt renew certificates automatically so if you’re told it’s an admin fee for installation question this with the hosting company. How can you check? Here's how to do it on a desktop.

  1. Go to your site
  2. Click the padlock next to the URL. If you don’t have a padlock then SSL isn't implemented
  3. Click on certificate

If the certificate is issued by Let's Encrypt then you shouldn;t be charged extra for SSL certification. Here's a short video that shows you exactly what to do and a link to the Let's Encrypt website which has all the details https://letsencrypt.org