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In this tip I'll show you how to make your own MockDonalds cheeseburgers at home

Make your own McDonald's Cheeseburgers at Home

For the folk wanting to have a go at making your own MockDonalds here’s how I made the Cheeseburgers. Thanks to McDs for being clear about the ingredients and nutritional details on their website and a former employee for confirming the assembly. Enjoy and let me know how you get on if you do try it. I removed some of the mustard after I took the photo so it was about a 3:1 ketchup:mustard ratio for the final version.

For five burgers you will need the following ingredients: -

  1. 250g beef mince (5% fat)
  2. Salt
  3. Black Pepper
  4. Heinz Yellow Mustard
  5. Mild Cheese Slices
  6. Heinz Tomato Ketchup
  7. Schwartz Onion Granules
  8. Iceland Sliced Seeded Burger Buns
  9. Sliced Pickled Gherkins

To make the burgers

Mix the beef well with 1tsp of table salt and a quarter tsp of black pepper. Roll the beef into five 50g balls.

Compress the meatballs in a burger press or roll out evenly to a diameter of 8.5cm.

That's the burgers done. They can be frozen (defrost before using) so along with the frozen rolls you'll always have a McDs fix available πŸ˜€πŸ”


Remove the rolls from the freezer to defrost one hour before cooking the burgers. These were the closest matching the original taste I could find even though McDs aren't seeded. Let me know if you find something better.

At the same time take the onion granules (about one tsp per burger) and soak them in boiling water for 30 minutes.

Drain the onions once soaked then dry in kitchen paper before putting aside for later.

Cooking and assembly

Toast the rolls on the inside only until light brown, this will stop the ketchup and mustard soaking into them. Once toasted take the top half of the rolls and add the required amount of ketchup then some mustard totalling one third of the ketchup added.

Add the onions and spread together until even then add one gherkin slice per roll.

Take one cheese slice per burger and trim about half a centemeter from each edge so the cheese doesn't overpower the other ingreients. If you have dogs then they'll probably appreciate the offcuts. That's the assembly complete so just to cook the burgers now.

To cook the burgers fry in a frying pan with a little sunflower oil. Fry each side for two minutes pressing down and adding a pinch of salt to each side while cooking. Once they've started browning on each side remove from the pan and place on the bottom of the rolls and slap on the cheese. Add the top of the rolls and finally the most important part, microwave each one individually on full power for 15 seconds in greaseproof paper. Job done! For fries I use Sainsbury's French Fries deep fried in sunflower oil at 175C for three minutes, dry them off and salt immediately. Don't oven cook if you're after that authentic McDonalds taste 🍟